Individuals in maximum performance and extreme situations

Top sports Coaches
Top sports Coaches encounter stress situations regularly. The increasing complexity of their tasks and high performance pressure are bottlenecks of their daily business. We support them in developing new strategies. We accompany them in change and descision-making processes. For this we use methods like coaching and energy healing, which we compile individually due to the experience of Markus Schroth as a Sports Coach and Petra Schroth (formerly Petra Weber) as a mind Coach.

Top athletes

Performance pressure is daily business for top athletes. It does not allow long  breaks, physical and mental resources can be used up easily. As a former professional football player I know this from my own experience after a severe injury and the end of my career as a football player. By means of intense coaching and energy healing I have been able to bring back sports in my life again. I am now fulfilling myself on long distances with elevation gain (Ultratrails). Together with my wife Petra Schroth, an experienced mind coach with top athletes we support top athletes in focussing their energy and winning mental power.

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