A unique team

Together we form a unique team for individual coaching and competent consulting.

Former professional football player and football coach Markus Schroth – thanks to coaching and energetic healing he is able to run once again after a severe injury and the end of his career as a football player.

Coach for top athletes and employers Petra Schroth (formerly Petra Weber) – because of her own intensiv experiences in life she is able to create personal development on mental, emotional and physical level.

An outstanding consulting

We give advice to our clients and deliver keynote speeches to different methods of coaching and energy healing. Our consulting and coaching processes are matched to the individual needs of our clients. We support our clients according to their specific situations – with empathy and also with authority if necessary. That makes the difference.

Coaching and energy healing for managers, top sports coaches and top athletes

We support our clients, e. g. managers and employers, top sports coaches as well as top athletes by means of selected methods to understand their personal bottlenecks, to overcome them and how to transform the obtained energy into success and quality of life.