By accompanying people going through problems and bottlenecks and our own  extreme experiences that we have been going through and are going through regularly, we extracted values for us which we live and want to pass on to our clients.

Purpose: We are convinced, that everything you do is making sense for yourself and should be seen in a bigger context. Therefore it is necessary to analyse the purpose of every act and ask if this purpose is still reasonable for you or if you have to look for another purpose or another way of acting.

Self-given authority: We have the inner attitude and idea, that everybody is possessing  the complete power but also the complete responsibility for his life and anything he is doing in any moment of his life.

Truthfulness: We consider Truthfulness as the increased form of honesty and truth. For that we aim and live in all our acts.

Freedom: We are free and independent. As Individuals and as a firm. We want to pass on this empowerment of ourselves to our clients.