Where do you feel attraction? What fascinates you? What inspires you? What sets you on fire? What is your passion?

Discover your passion and live it!

Petra Schroth encourages you to find your passion and to live it.

Petra Schroth is living her ability for fascination, enthusiasm and dedication in her talks, as a mind coach and in her personal life. She is passing on her own intensive life experiences in addition to her professional competence in various fields in her coachings and talks.

Her motto is: I do what I love and I love what I do


What is your dream? What is your vision? Do you think big? What is your potential? Where is ending your imagination? Where are your limits? How large is your potential really?

Discover your potential and turn it into reality!

Markus Schroth encourages you to discover your potential and to turn it into reality.

After 15 years as a professional football player in the first Bundesliga,  Markus Schroth  discovered that the unthinkable is possible, physically as well as mentally. He is turning his potential into reality as a Extreme Runner. Finisher of UTMB, where he fulfilled his dream and 12 other Ultratrails, e. g. Tor de Geants, a race of 330km and 23000m elevation gain, where reached the finish line after 136 hours in which he slept only 4,5 hours. He is passing on his unique experiences in his inspiring talks and and coachings. Markus Schroth is fascinated by the miracle of life

His motto is: Life begins, where your Imagination is ending. When you reach this limit it is beginning.


We give talks for Inspiration an Motivation

Be Passion – What is your Passion? Live it!

From Footballplayer to Extremrunner – Turn your Potential into reality!

as well as to Impacts of Mental Success Strategies and the Miracle Energy Healing.

We offer custom made Coachings in Mind Coaching, Kinesiology and Energy Healing.

In our Personal Trainings we work out key individual objectives for our clients. We implement these objectives together by coaching under the motto „Run with me – I run with you“. We prepare you for your competition and come with you to your event. We offer support for training control by performance diagnostics and training planning.

Discover the pleasure of running at a Trailrunning Day together with Markus Schroth.

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